GPS means Global Positioning System. It consists of a set of satellites revolving around the planet Earth, which send out a signal that is used by terrestrial receivers to calculate the position of the place they are at.
Your device reads data from satellites to find its position; it then uses mobile data networks to transmit its position to our servers. Your device needs both mobile data and GPS signals to work.
Americaloc uses the highest-tech systems. Our devices can be installed in automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, etc. Portable devices are also available, they can track people and assets.
As with all GPS receivers, it works better if there are not obstacles between it and the open sky, specially if they are made up of metal or concrete. Device can not work properly when it is underground or when covered by roofs, big metal or concrete surfaces. It will resume working as soon as it can get GPS signal again. For best performance and if you place it in your car please place it where it is not fully covered by metal.
Atmospheric conditions, such as rain or snow, can weaken signals. For example, if your car or case has a thick coating of snow, then you can expect a lower accuracy level. Extreme temperatures can also affect battery operated devices and cause signal degradation which may result in lower accuracy or communication failures. Please do not put the device on a very hot or humid place and avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Too high temperatures will damage the device or even cause battery explosion.
The device uses cellular network to transmit the information to our servers. If it is in an area where there is no cellular network coverage, it will not be able to send the information out live. Yet, all information will be stored during that time and transmitted as soon as the cell signal is recovered.
No. We ship the device with the SIM card it needs to transmit data (the card is already installed). That sim card only works with this device.
We provide an international SIM card, so you can track your devices in the United States, Canada, Europe and in most of the countries around the world.
Americaloc has developed a platform where you can track your devices. After activation, the client creates a username and a password to access from any computer or smart device with Internet connection. Then, you will be able to see all the information about your devices.
Our platform uses Google Maps business license. This will allow you to have access to services such as: address search, points of interest, route planning, traffic status and street view.
  • If your unit is portable, please check this video: Where should I place my device?
  • If your unit is wired, please ask your installer for the best spot in your car.
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